But there’s one thing we have now that The Beatles didn’t have…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the internet – the biggest no-experience-required open mic night ever created. It connects us all, whether we’ve put in 10,000 hours or ten.

Derek Powazek, elaborates on Malcolm Gladwell’s 10 000 hour theory in explaining Why Everything Sucks, Why That’s Awesome & How That is Changing Us.

Only caught onto this now, after reading some of 37Signals’ unique thoughts on the matter. Interesting idea nonetheless… In their own words:

"…the privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network…"

Do we need another social networking platform? Maybe not.

Can they beat Facebook? Probably not.

But with $170k in funds already, they have to at least try do *something* that is at least semi-significant, so I’m keen to see how this plays out.

I love the look of Swipely, brought to the interwebs by the MetaLab crew.

Interesting post which puts Urtak to great use.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but the concept makes a lot of sense, as you can essentially create different relationships to different sets of data, which then becomes much more valuable.

Anyone tried this before?

…the community doesn’t operate in a way they expect, its purpose isn’t well defined, and the ways its being used aren’t consistent.

Never been a fan of Reddit, but I can see myself using this now.

I had a bit of a chuckle whilst reading Yong’s take on how Location Based Services can offer value and create a revenue model for themselves.

One thing is for sure: it’s most definitely gonna be interesting to see how the giants in this space - Gowalla & Foursquare - go about turning on the profit machine.

Facebook is the market leader for sure. But its not winner takes all because its just too big of a category for innovation & creativity. Right now my social network for music isn’t on facebook (instead it’s on hypemachine and tumblr). My photo social net is on tumblr and flickr. My social net for television is Boxee. My information social net is Twitter. FourSquare and Twitter are my social net for places & events. The list goes on.

Bijan Sabet, Thoughts about “the winner takes it all”

Interesting take on social networking and the power of Facebook. I tend to agree though, as there will also be power & viability when a bunch of niche users (doesn’t matter exactly how niche) comes together and shares around a mutual interest.

It really comes down to the question: How many users do you need to make your business / project / social network etc. viable, sustainable and hopefully profitable?

Why did you decide to use tumblr over wordpress for your personal blog?

I did it for the buzz & the community on Tumblr. With WordPress, I was on my own little island and it became more of a mission to connect with other like-minded peeps.

My following is a big deal. People who like what I do help propel me forward in my business. As a self employed individual, it is even more important. With only a blog to voice articles I write and things that I do, I feel impaired.

Rogie King, explaining the downside of his recent detox from all social media channels.

I can totally understand & relate to this; when Twitter goes all Fail Whale on my ass, everything just seems so darn quiet & static with regards to my work.

I think that the buzz of social media has the same effect on productivity (thus, both good & bad) as working in a very busy city; in that environment it is possible to take all of that positive energy / buzz and infuse your own productivity, but only if you’re not easily distracted