So… My last post on here was more than a month ago and in the few weeks prior to that I wasn’t overly productive (in terms of writing at least) either. The question thus begs to be answered: Why have I been so quiet here, as well as on Twitter, Flickr and everywhere else that matters online.

Simple answer: I’ve been busy.

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going & to a large extent I believe that has been the case for me: I’m getting married in 2 weeks’ time, I’ve sold almost a 1000 copies of my book on pre-order, I’ve been working extremely hard with WooThemes, radiiate & Rockstar Foundation (significant updates on radiiate & Rockstar Foundation soon) & have had quite a few speaking gigs of late (with a few more coming soon). So this kinda means that blogging here completely falls off of the radar…

In addition to all of that, I’ve been blogging *a lot* over on the WooThemes blog, which means that even after everything else that I’ve been working on, I kinda feel drained when it comes to producing content (on here, Twitter or Flickr) that is not necessary at this time.

So there you have it: it’s not because I want to lay low or that I don’t have something to say… In fact, I have a lot to say, I just don’t have as much time…

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.

…is bullshit.

It’s more like: Build a better mousetrap… and then blog and create videos about it and hope that the Mousetrap Store features it … and just maybe the world will beat a path to your door.

tap tap tap ~ Camera+ second month sales: The Sophomore Software Slump? (via rafer)

Haha, I had to laugh at this, but only because it’s both funny and true.

See, the world is only willing to reward innovation if they know about it and if they get a sense that the masses will do the same. People (in the context of society / groups) are on average followers and will only follow trends; so it’s incredibly hard to influence this behaviour in a group, which will in turn prompt them to "beat a path to your door".

As a startup, though, it’s exceptionally pretentious to think of ourselves as armies; rather, to use another military analogue, we’re squads and fireteams, bands of specialists that ally toward a common goal, each of us participating equally in the dirty work.

Eston Bond, explains why his startup - isocket - is a titleless one.

I love the description of a startup above and agree wholeheartedly with Eston’s views on why titles actually do not matter.

This is a similar approach to what we have at WooThemes, where we’ve never been overly fussed about titles and specific job descriptions. And the only reason why I didn’t write such an article, is because I’m not nearly as eloquent as Eston, who manages to write an extremely intellectual article on the matter. :)

Speaking Gigs

So following up on this tweet about my upcoming international travels, I have to say that there’s only two words to describe my current emotion: surreal & blessed.

At the beginning of the year I set myself the goal of speaking at, at least 3 international conferences. Up until now I’ve spoken at:

I will however soon add the following conferences to this list:

Couple that with the fact that I’ll also be visiting Corfu (Greece), London, Barcelona, Madrid & Lisbon on honeymoon with Jeanne in October and you’ve got yourself a jet setting line-up there.

So I’m being paid to see some amazing cities across the globe and I’ve far exceeded my goal of 3 international conferences, which really is a surreal experience (considering that there are awesome people that want to pay me to hear me speaking). Consider this as a thanks to all of you that have in any way made this possible! :)

I haven’t been doing a lot of writing lately (it’s kinda obvious when looking at my archives), but I’m happy to say that my book is finally complete and except a few formatting / designs things will be going to print soon. So hopefully I’ll get back to some regular posting soon, even though I’m still undecided about how I will be approaching my publishing next.

From what I can tell that is what is happening with the WordPress v. Thesis debate. WordPress is a country, has its own rules, has citizens making money while living there, has a population, and says that you can build on top of it freely and openly as long as you adhere to some rules. Thesis is a citizen that doesn’t want to follow the speed limit or respect the country or the others that have built it. It is being pulled over by a cop right now and told ‘hey, you are breaking the rules’ and responding ‘screw you, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?’

WordPress, GPL, Thesis and Speeding Tickets | Andrew Hyde - A Content-Free Rant

great summary :D 

(via noreaster)

I had to have a bit of a chuckle at this.

We recently worked with the super-talented Jon Hicks to create these new bad boys for WooThemes. Read about our training of the new WooNinja’s here.

We recently worked with the super-talented Jon Hicks to create these new bad boys for WooThemes. Read about our training of the new WooNinja’s here.


I love challenges (read: if you want to motivate me, challenge me), but I hate it when someone else’s thoughts on a topic challenges the decisions / strategies that I have made. Especially - if that is only recently so.

Also - if I didn’t love Spencer Fry so much, I’d be totally mad right now after reading his latest article on writing. Why? Because it challenges the goals that I set myself a few weeks ago…

The Decision (prior to Spencer’s article)

Whilst I had been enjoying my blogging on here (and it has to be noted, that I do publish longer pieces here, amongst the snippets), I’ve been thinking of ways that I could go back to more “traditional” blogging if we can call that.

I killed my previous (self-hosted, WordPress) blog in favour of moving to Tumblr, because I wanted something that made it easier - and not more difficult - for me to create content on a regular basis. So with regards to that, Tumblr is perfect as it allows me to publish anything of any size anytime that I want.

But Tumblr doesn’t really add “credibility” to me as an author, because the medium seems much less sophisticated (with the perception probably being that it is more a sharing platform, than a publishing one). If you have a look at Paul Graham’s writing for example, you get a sense of authority, credibility and experience. That’s what I wanted.

So the first attempt at moving in that direction was to publish my first book - Rockstar Business. But I couldn’t write a book every week / month, so that wouldn’t enable my passion for writing sufficiently.

I thus decided on a strategy where I will continue to Tumblr here, but also - from time to time - publish a compilation of articles on a specific (niche) topic which would be presented in a separate, unique way (i.e. not here). The plan was also to package those in more convenient formats (PDF, iPad, printed copy?) and sell it accordingly; thus creating another income stream too.

Not a bad idea, right? But then Spencer came along…

The Decision (after Spencer’s article)

My Tumblr now feels insignificant:

I think that in a way blogging is dead. I don’t consider to be a blog. It’s a collection of essays. Blogging in the traditional sense — snippets of your thoughts on X, Y, and Z — has been replaced by Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. 

I don’t feel that this is your average Tumblr blog, since I do combine longer articles with the snippets that Spencer refers to here. But as mentioned above, it’s almost like the medium (and note: I do love Tumblr) isn’t conducive to the goals mentioned earlier.

Also not overly sure about selling my content anymore…

Information is meant to be consumed. It’s meant to be free. It’s meant to reach as many people as humanly possible, shared, and discussed. A wall around content — paid or otherwise — is destined to crumble. You need look no further than Jason Calacanis who when he really wants to get his voice out there re-posts his newsletter to his blog.

It’s always been a passion of mine to write and I love sharing my opinion in the hope that it sparks someone else’s mind into action. So in that regard, it’s important for me to have a well-trafficed and well-read blog, considering that I also use it as the pillar of my online presence. By thus putting part of my content (arguably my best content, as that would make “business sense”) behind a paywall, I’m not achieving those goals anymore.

Pfff… Which way to go? Wish I was as clever as Spencer Fry.

Startup Financials

I just had an epiphany of sorts…

With regards to the financials of your startup, there are only two things that really matters: money that comes into your company & the money that goes out. There’s no need to waste time & energy in an in-depth analysis of your finances (most of the time), as it is really simple to track these two metrics.**

So optimizing your company would mean that you spend as little money as possible to continue generating as much revenue as possible. Simple.

** I’m a fully qualified management accountant.

I spoke about my addiction to running yesterday and here’s the girl that has inspired all of that. Thanks love!

I spoke about my addiction to running yesterday and here’s the girl that has inspired all of that. Thanks love!